Horse-X: The best free equestrian trading app - Buy & Sell sporthorses!
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Horse-X Jonathan Ding


Connecting users to the global horse community


Connecting users to
the global horse community


Horse-X is the first social equestrian platform that is dedicated to connecting users to the global horse community. The app is specifically designed to focus on two themes: the riderā€™s profile and his horsesā€™ profiles.Ā All features and functions are interlinked around these two themes, exposing the rider and his horsesā€™ activities on three essential platforms: Marketplace, Xplore and Competitions.

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Marketplace – horse buying and selling

You can buy or sell sport horses from and to anywhere in the world. With its large database of top-quality horses, you can find sport horses within all categories: from young talented horses to Grand Prix jumpers, from schoolmasters to well-trained competition horses.
In addition to discovering horses in the Marketplace, you can also enjoy the social media features to communicate directly with the buyers or sellers. You can follow or comment on horses you like and share them with your friends in the app or other social media platforms.

XploreA video/photo sharing platform

As Horse-X app is created by riders, they understand the importance of sharing the achievements by highlighting the best performances on social media platforms. Horse-X allows you to share these moments with Xplore. This feature is inter-connected with the other in-app options like horse profiles, rider profiles and competition videos.
When posting a video, you can tag your horseā€™s name, which will automatically link to the detailed horse profile. People will be able to follow your horseā€™s activities and performances easily. Just click on @horse name, you will be shown the horseā€™s full profile.

Competitions – Store and expose your show videos.

The feature that allows you to finally organize your show related media This is a must-have feature for all horse riders and owners.
Show your horsesā€™ competition performances
Upload your show videos, share them with your friends and the community.


Find a particular video from a specific horse
Having trouble with your thousands of videos scattered in your phone memory? Difficult to find a particular video you want to share with your friends or clients? Horse-X ā€œCompetitionsā€ feature can help you solve this problem. Documented with date, title, show name and results, you can easily find or filter everything related to a horse in the previous and current shows.


Follow a horse and track its performances
Even if you are in the same show, you are often too busy with your own show schedules, you may miss watching a horse you are interested in. Now you can follow this horse and watch its show videos. You can even chat with the rider or owner privately.


Manage your business meetings during the show.
Another advantage is that users in the same show can use the ā€œchat with userā€ function to make business appointments, ask additional questions or discuss business directly. Instead of waiting next to the exit of the ring, you can now chat with the rider discreetly.

Manage your horsesā€™ profiles and digital contents, keep them all in one place, your Horse-X account.

Create your horsesā€™ profiles, linked with their bio-information, show performances and social media exposures. You can run all your social media and marketing in one place.


You can find many useful tools and features in Horse-X to improve your horsesā€™ exposures to the global horse community. You can also track an individual horseā€™s information and performances during the years.Ā  You can use Horse-X as your digital center for your business, store your horsesā€™ profiles, manage and share digital content. The app aims to benefit all horse people, from buyers, sellers, riders, spectators, owners, grooms to suppliers and service providers.

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