Horse-X: Join the Horse-X community! Download the App now!
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Join Horse-X

How to Join Horse-X

Download the free App from Apple App Store for iPhone users or Google Play for Android users, follow the instructions to sign up.


It is easy, intuitive and free to use.

Why Horse-X?

  • It is Free

  • A global online marketplace

  • Chat directly with horse sellers and buyers

  • Easy to use

Signing up to the Horse-X App will give you access to equestrians worldwide. We help extend your network whilst increasing transparency and improving communication.
You can source horses internationally without having to travel to another country, or increase your sales by uploading your horses’ profiles to the Horse-X App.
We also offer the option to follow horses and riders and send them direct in App messages. Adding horses to your favorites ❤️ will automatically save their profile, enabling you to always monitor their progress.
Following riders will allow you to see all their posts. Get inspired, learn from others and follow which horses are ridden and sold by them.
Direct messaging allows you to always connect with the horse’s owner or rider, now and in the future.
The App offers clear and easy features that help you update your own profile or that of your horse. Your followers will see your updates in their news feed and will be able to respond with a like, share your post or comment.