Horse-X: the story of the sporthorse trading platform - About us
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About us

About us


Horse-X was founded by Jonathan Ding, a passionate young rider. He trained intensively for three years with British Olympic Gold medalist Scott Brash, and for one year with the world-renowned Belgian horse trainer Jos Kumps. Currently he follows another well known trainer Katerina Offel to continue his equestrian program in the Netherlands.


During the years Jonathan has gained a deep insight into the equestrian sports and the horse world. As a millennium rider and an active community member, Jonathan wants to offer some help to the horse industry to be digitized, Horse-X App was born based on his ideas and vision. The App provides a social platform connecting users to the global horse community through its marketplace, video/photo sharing, and competition video displays.


Jonathan believes that this free app will help the entire horse community to improve communication efficiency, business outcomes. He wishes the App will attract more attention from the outside world, and therefore to encourage more investments to the sport horse industry.


To become the horse app that brings together the global equestrian community.


Horse-X is powered by a very dedicated, innovative, international team working from Belgium , Netherlands and Hong Kong. All team members have very specialized qualities and are dedicated to creating the best user experience.


The love for the equestrian sport runs through our veins and has brought us all together with a common goal to achieve success.