Horse-X - the online platform for trading sporthorses - FAQ
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Do you have questions? You are in the right place.
How to become a member?

Please click here to see “Join Horse-X”

How to sell a horse on Horse-X

Please click here to see “Create horse profile”

How much does it costs to upload my horse ?

Horse-X App is completely free to download, free to upload your horses‘ profiles, and free to browse.

How many photos and videos of my horse can I use in my horse profile?

You may upload 3 photos and 3 videos of maximum 90 seconds.

Can I edit my horse’s profile once it’s published?

Yes, To make changes to your horse’s profile, go to your ‘MY HORSES’ page, and then click ‘Edit’ make any required changes and click ‘SAVE CHANGES’

Help with finding horses on Horse-X

Please click here to see “Search and Buy Horses”

Can I edit my profile details?

Sure! Open the Horse-X App, and press on the ‘Me’ button.

This opens up the page with your own horse profiles as well as your favourite list.

In the top right corner you see a me icon , clicking on it will take you to the account settings. There you find ’Edit my Profile’

Forgot my password

No problem!

When going to the log-in screen you will see ‘Forgot my password’

Click on this link, fill in your mail address linked to your

Horse-X account and we’ll send you a link to reset your password.

Someone has listed my horse on Horse-X without my approval

At Horse-X we take misconduct very seriously! Every person using the Horse-X App has agreed to our terms & conditions.

In the terms & Conditions we clearly note that horses are only to be listed on the App through the official horse owner, or someone who has written approval of the horse’s owner to list the horse on Horse-X.

In the case someone is not the official owner of the horse and does not have written approval to list the horse on the App, his or her account can be blocked by Horse-X.

If you have come across this situation please report the contact person to us. Go to the horse profile in question and click on report abuse.

What to do if your horse on Horse-X is sold?

After uploading your horse’s profile to the Horse-X App, the Horse-X community can contact you through direct messaging.


If these messages lead to a sale you can easily edit your Horse Profile account with a label ‘Sold’.


If the sale does not happen you can easily undo these steps without having to re-enter your horse’s details. Go to the Horse Profile and click on ‘For Sale’. Your horse is visible in the Marketplace again.


Note: Do so within two weeks after sold, as a sold horse profile will be automatically deleted two weeks after being labelled as ‘Sold’.


Another option is to unpublish your horse profile, click on ‘Not For Sale’. By doing so it will remain as a Pending horse profile in your own horse account but the horse is no longer visible in the Marketplace.


If you rather delete the profile of your horse, you can do so too. However, clicking delete will permanently delete your horse’s profile which cannot be undone.

How to buy a horse in Horse-X?

Once you decided that a particular horse would suit you perfectly you can easily contact the owner through direct messaging.


The direct messaging gives you the ability to have a private conversation with the seller of the horse.

I cannot find a horse's profile that I saved in My Favourites, why is that?

This means that either the seller of the horse has sold the horse or has deleted the horse’s profile from the Horse-X app.


When a horse is sold the seller can decide to mark the horses’ profile as ‘Sold’.

Where can I find my horses' profile on Horse-X?

Once you have uploaded your horses’ profiles you will be able to find them under ‘Me’.


Simply click on the icon and it will take you to your lists. On the left you will see ‘MY HORSES’ list with all the horses you have added to the Horse-X community.


On the right you’ll find the ‘MY FAVOURITES’ list of other members horses that you have saved to keep an eye on.

Has your question not been answered? Please contact us!