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Off to a show: Packing list for a horse show

Off to a show: Packing list for a horse show

Let’s be honest for a second: we’ve all forgotten at least one thing in our show life careers. Some things are easy to replace once at the venue, others are missed badly. Here’s our packing list for a horse show for you and your horses, so you won’t ever forget anything again!

Do in advance:

  • apply for your annual tournament license
  • register/continue your horse
  • register for the show
  • check timetable
  • plan arrival
  • write down important contact details of the show office

Travel essentials:

  • driving license
  • vehicle registration documents (for the car, truck and/or horse trailer)
  • horse passport
  • spare halter/rope
  • horse rug (depending on weather: cooler, fly blanket or winter blanket)
  • proof of attendance (due to Corona)
  • navigation details
  • phone and charger
  • first aid kit (for horses and human)
packing list for horse shows
Horse and rider have a lot of equipment – it’s always handy to have a packing list to not forget anything at home that will be badly missed at the show.
Picture: Franziska Sack

For the sport:

  • white/light pair of breeches
  • show jacket
  • competition blouse
  • plastron/necktie
  • gloves
  • boots
  • helmet
  • spurs, whips, etc. (if needed)
  • saddle
  • bridle
  • saddle pads
  • leg protection
  • bell boots
  • lunging equipment
  • auxiliary reins
  • studs

Grooming supplies:

  • grooming box with combs, brushes and hoof pick
  • hoof grease
  • towel
  • braiding essentials

If you’re staying over night:

  • horse feed
  • hay
  • bedding
  • stall fork
  • broom
  • wheelbarrow

Just in case…

  • spare pair of clothes
  • shoes to change
  • rain jackets/umbrellas
  • mounting block

Is there anything we’ve missed? Feel free to complete the packing list for a horse show in the comment section below!

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